The Seasonal Desktop – take #1

Nothing much happens on the desktop these days, cellphones, pads and TV’s get all the attention. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing left to explore. This time, my «itch» is that my desktop and laptop computers appear boring, dull and old everytime I use them.

What if the desktop follows the seasons?
Either the weather, your sports team, your favourite community or something completely different? Regular users just select a seasonal theme they like, more advanced users create them. A theme could consist of background images, menu and window colors, and maybe sounds as well?

I think it’ll be like the first hint of spring when you’re tired of the winter, or the first, silent snowfall after a long and dark autumn. Something chugging along nicely without you having to do anything.

First take on the select-window. Actually, it’s the second one, but the first one was not very well thought through.

How the “Select theme”-tab could look like

I think this should be a part of the OS since it’s settings for your desktop. But for the first alpha/beta versions, it obviously needs to be a standalone app to get things moving. So which OS’es? All is my answer, lets not be modest. But start out with the one that’s the easiest to get implemented? Maybe Ubuntu/Linux Mint since they’re underdogs in the OS market.

Anyway, even if different people develop different programs, it would be cool if the format for specifying a seasonal theme would be interchangeable. At least the background images and sounds.

Seasonal Desktop #1 from Espen Klem on Vimeo.

A sample video of how Seasonal Desktop s would work, seen from a regular users point of view. A real theme would consist of more than four images.

So, a lot of questions appear, your comment could maybe help me start in the right direction:

  • What should the first version contain? Is changing background images a good enouh start?
  • How should a full theme best be described? An XML-file, SQlite, …?
  • Should there be a simple creator/editor, or is an file export/import-function good enough?

Other things I’m missing? Already made you say? I found a program called DesktopNova that did something similar, and hope the the developer will let me participate in a future version.

Edit: Moved it to Unity and added it as an idea on Ubuntu Brainstorm

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