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World's smallest Content Management System

Ok, lets not argue, I guess you can always find a smaller one written in Perl or something, so let me rephrase to “a really small and simple CMS”.

A year ago I needed a CMS. My challenge was an easy and small one, and I wanted to keep the solution easy and small. I was running a phpBB-forum and wanted a simple way to make a list of featured forum-posts. Each item in the list of featured posts should contain a title, a photo and a link the forum-post in mind. I also liked to keep the hardware requirements at a minimum and have as little maintenance as possible.

Problem was, all Open Source solutions I’ve tested or looked at had grown really big. I also checked Yahoo Pipes to see if I could make something out of it, but somehow I always hit a brick wall when trying it out.

Google Docs to the rescue! Read more