Mobil-app: Kjøreplan for barnevakt

Du skal ha barnevakt til barnet ditt, og står der rett før og tenker: Hva må jeg sende med av mat, klær, bleier, leker og andre greier? I tillegg må du lage en liten kjøreplan/oppskrift for den/de som skal barnevakt. Det er like klønete hver gang, og alltid noe jeg glemmer å ta med, enten av mat, klær, bleier, ting eller i kjøreplanen.

Hva om en app hjalp deg med dette? Du får en liste over hva du må sende med, barnevakten får en kjøreplan.

Oppsettet kan inneholde omtrent dette:

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The Seasonal Desktop – take #1

Nothing much happens on the desktop these days, cellphones, pads and TV’s get all the attention. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing left to explore. This time, my «itch» is that my desktop and laptop computers appear boring, dull and old everytime I use them.

What if the desktop follows the seasons?
Either the weather, your sports team, your favourite community or something completely different? Regular users just select a seasonal theme they like, more advanced users create them. A theme could consist of background images, menu and window colors, and maybe sounds as well?

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6 ideas on how to improve your user driven site

All ideas presented here are revolving around logging in and registering on user driven sites. The ideas are combinations of getting the user more motivated, and lowering the technical thresholds. When the motivation is higher than the perceived thresholds ahead, you ask the user to log in (or register).

Old school register and log in.

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World's smallest Content Management System

Ok, lets not argue, I guess you can always find a smaller one written in Perl or something, so let me rephrase to “a really small and simple CMS”.

A year ago I needed a CMS. My challenge was an easy and small one, and I wanted to keep the solution easy and small. I was running a phpBB-forum and wanted a simple way to make a list of featured forum-posts. Each item in the list of featured posts should contain a title, a photo and a link the forum-post in mind. I also liked to keep the hardware requirements at a minimum and have as little maintenance as possible.

Problem was, all Open Source solutions I’ve tested or looked at had grown really big. I also checked Yahoo Pipes to see if I could make something out of it, but somehow I always hit a brick wall when trying it out.

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Babel filter - smart language filter for microblog systems

How to follow more people and still have the signal to noise ratio increased?

It’s really simple. The whole idea is to only show you messages written in a language you are able to read. If you simply define which languages you can read, and which you can write, it’s not hard to match.

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AndroidApp: Høstservice på påhengsmotor - trinn for trinn

Har snart litt tilgjengelig tid på hånden og tenkte å bruke den til litt teknisk moro. Først ut er å prøve å lage en enkel Android-app: Trinn for trinn-guide til høstservice på påhengsmotor, 2-takter og 4-takter.

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